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Drive-Thru Terror

Have you ever had a strange experience in broad daylight in the middle of a public place?

A few years ago I did.

I was in the drive-thru of a local KFC during lunch time on a Saturday. I had just pulled up to the speaker window and was waiting for the drive-thru worker to ask for my order when I happened to look into my side mirror. I immediately noticed a man dressed in all black stumbling along near the entrance to the drive-thru. He appeared to be wearing a suit and was holding a bouquet of roses down to his side.

For some reason something about him unsettled me right away. I instinctively moved to lock my car doors when suddenly he looked up and made eye contact with me in my mirror. His gaze was enough to make me flinch but what happened next made my heart skip a beat.

He smiled.

Not a friendly smile either. It was a smile full of malice.

I immediately went to roll up the window, to put as much between me and him as I could. As I did so, I looked in my rear view mirror. It was then that I noticed that he was sprinting towards me.

(All of this happened within a span of a few seconds.)

As he made his way towards me, I made a last second attempt to put distance between us by pulling forward. While doing so I looked up and realized that he was gone.

Looking around there was no place for him to have gone and yet he was nowhere to be seen.

Where did he go? Who was he? And most important of all: what would have happened had he caught up with me?

Let’s hope I never have to find out.

Welcome to the newly designed 365 Days of Terror!

New thrills are on their way. Stay tuned!


…the return of 365 Days of Terror!

Stay tuned for more screams and nightmares!

"An Encounter with la Lechuza"

A good friend relates a teenage encounter with the legendary lechuza. Here is the encounter in his own words:

365 Days of Terror Update

Well, as you can see, I have FINALLY posted the complete story of the House on Creekbend Road. I still want to touch up the story in a few places as well as address some gramatical errors (sucks not having an editor!) but I felt like you all waited long enough so I hope you enjoy.

Just be kind as I was rushed! :-p

Pleasant nightmares!

- Michael

An Introdruction to “The House on Creekbend Road”

A Note From the Author…

For those of you who have followed this blog from the start (or who have skimmed through my previous entries), you may remember a series of stories that began in April entitled “The House on Creekbend Road”. The series was never completed and many of you contacted me wanting to know if there were going to be more posts regarding the house. As I mentioned in a reply not too long ago, I have been struggling for some time with how best to continue the story. In the end, I finally decided to just tell the main story as it happened and let it speak for itself as I have done with many of my other posts. No colorful words or drawn out dramatics. Just the simple, basic facts.

A word of caution before you proceed:

While I cannot promise intense scares or restless nights, this story does include some darker elements that may unsettle some readers. If you are one of them, I apologize.

That being said, here is the complete story of…



You’ve waited patiently. Now the time has come to hear the full story…

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GHOSTLY VIDEOS: The Whitstable Video

This (now viral) CCTV footage appears to capture paranormal activity in a Whitstable (UK) shop. Real ghost or hoax? You decide.


cactuscradle asked:

Hi, will there be another post about 'The house on Creekbend Road'.. I want to know more!! :)


Hi! That’s a very good question that I have been meaning to address for a few weeks. So to answer your question:

Yes, there WILL be more posts about the “House on Creekbend Road” within the next few weeks. The delay has been a result of two factors:

1) I have been struggling to find a way to effectively tell the story in a clear, straight-forward way. There were a lot of odd things going on at the time and I am trying to sort through what had relevance to the main events and what didn’t. I honestly don’t want the story to become too “over done” or complex so I’m working to make it simple and effective.

2) I am having to “alter” the account a bit as I go along to ensure that I don’t give away any information that would reveal the people involved or the location of the house. This need to respect their privacy will become more evident as the story goes on as the story addresses some very personal stuff. However, I will say this: The house in the picture IS the actual house.

What I may end up doing is making one giant post telling the whole story so that it didn’t become too drawn out. Keep your eyes open, it will be coming soon!!!

- Pleasant nightmares!